Urania Gazelli

Venus De Milo


Handmade in Greece. This Urania Gazelli clutch is from blue mother of pearl plexiglass with the sculpture of Aphrodite of Milos. 

The lucite mother of pearl material perfectly mimics the deep blue hues of Greece with the white marble of Aphrodite, giving my own personal touch to this beautiful masterpiece.

I am constantly inspired from our Greek Heritage. An ode to Greek Gods and to Hellenistic period. Drawn by hand and cut to pieces in order to assembly the whole body. Each piece is carefully carved and shaped so you can have the 3D feeling. 


100% patented plexiglass

Red (or black) velvet interior


Includes dust bag, cleaning cloth

Dimensions: W16 x H10,5 x D5cm

Made in  Greece

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